How To Play BomBowling

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What is BomBowling?

A hybrid game that combines an American football with a set of bowling pins positioned on 2 wooden bases 48 feet apart.  Teams of 2 compete to be the first to knock down all opponent's pins by throwing 2 full-size regulation footballs at 10 bowling pins positioned in a traditional bowling layout.  It can be played in a backyard, indoor facility, or campground, parking lot, ect. Wood bases, real bowling pins and 2 footballs come with rental. 

Football Bowling Rental Pricing

1 Set of Football Bowling

Whats included:

  • 20 Real Bowling Pins
  • 2 Wood Platforms for Pins
  • 2 Footballs


2 Sets of Football Bowling

Whats included:

  • 40 Real Bowling Pins
  • 4 Wood Platforms for Pins
  • 4 Footballs


3 Sets of Football Bowling

Whats included:

  • 60 Real Bowling Pins
  • 6 Wood Platforms for Pins
  • 6 Footballs



Pickup the fowling sets from us and drop them back off the next day! We are located in West Bloomfield. We can also deliver the Fowling sets out to you for an additional travel fee.

Delivery is an additional .58cents/mile

* We Currently have 4 Football Bowling Sets. *

Football Bowling Rental Request Form

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BomBowling Rules

  • Best played with 4 players (2 teams of 2 players)
  • Object of game: Be the first to knock down opponents 10 pins by throwing the football.
  • Each round 2 footballs are thrown by each team (or individual if playing solo)
  • Defending team must remain behind their platforms
  • Teams stand on opposite sides
  • Each team gets the same amount of throws
  • Women allowed to throw behind front edge of the wood base, men behind back edge of the base
  • Coin toss can determine which team starts
  • Teams alternate throwing
  • Earn 1 point for being the first to knock down opponents 10 pins
  • Opposing team is not allowed to interfere until after ball passes wood platform.
  • 3 points wins the match! Let someone else play (or challenge the winners)
    • Tie/Overtime - Overtime is a sudden death, single pin knockdown. Each team places a single pin on any bowling pin position marked on the fowling lane, for their opponent to throw at. Again, a simple coin toss decides which team throws first, and the first team to knock down the overtime pin wins the frame. There is no Equalizer throw for the opposing team during the overtime period.