How to play Archery Tag in Michigan

archery tag michigan event rental

Archery Tag Michigan consists of two Teams, consisting of 5-10 players each, line up opposite one another on a field behind their lines.  Each team separated by a "safe zone." Players are to run to the middle of the court, on our whistle, and pick up a max of two arrows. The safe zone is used as a buffer, and NO one should be shooting from inside the safe zone.

The Objective:

1) Hit the opponents Anywhere to Knockout!

2) Catch Arrows to get teammates back in play!

3) Dodge & use the bunkers to your advantage!

You eliminate a player in Archery Tag Michigan by hitting him or her with a foam tipped arrow, or by catching his or her arrow. headshots do count, although no one should be aiming for the head. The archery bow & arrows your holding are an extension of your body, and therefore, counts as a hit.

Archery Tag Michigan Pricing

10 Bow Rental

$350 For the first hour

$200/hour for additional hours


  • 10 Archery Bows
  •  50 Archery Arrows
  •  10 Archery Masks
  •  6 Obstacles / Bunkers
  •  Event Coordinator

16 Bow Rental

$400 For the first hour

$250/hour for additional hours


  • 16 Archery Bows
  •  70 Archery Arrows
  •  16 Archery Mask
  •  6 Obstacles / Bunkers
  •  Event Coordinator

Additional Bows:

Extra Bows are $10 per bow per hour

Archery Tag Michigan provides mobile rentals, traveling out to your location, anywhere in Michigan! Our travel fee is .58cents/Mile

Ages 13+

Archery Tag Rental Request

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How To Shoot a Recurve Bow

how to shoot a recurve bow picture

Nocking The Arrow

Here are some fundamental shooting techniques (with pictures) to help you learn how to shoot a recurve bow in Archery Tag.

Holding the arrow in your right hand, place it on the arrow rest on the left side of your bow. Position the arrow with the index fletching* facing away from the bow. Push the arrow’s nock into the bowstring, in-between the finger guides. 

how to shoot a recurve bow accurately

Set the arrow on top of the flat part on the bow, also know as the shelf. Letting it sit flat and even on the shelf allows for a smooth, straight flight.

*An important note, this guide was written using a right-handed shooter to demonstrate. If you are left-handed, simply reverse any mention of “right” to “left”, and any mention of “left” to “right”.

how to shoot a recurve bow

Do not wrap the index finger of your left hand around the arrow shaft. This will cause harm to your fingers, and not allow the arrow to fire straight. Let the arrow rest on the bow shelf by itself.

For our FULL, in depth guide on how to shoot a recurve bow accurately, click HERE