What We Offer

Bubble Soccer


Bubble Soccer rentals introduces bubbles to the sport of soccer. Players strap inside a bubble and play various games inside the bubble, including soccer, last bubble standing, protect the president, and sharks & minnows. We also offer other party equipment rentals, such as fowling, soccer darts, giant connect 4, and archery tag!

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Arrow Tag


Archery Tag is a unique twist on the traditional game of dodgeball. Players now use foam-tipped arrows and recurve bows to get opponents out, while staying safe behind bunkers. For Archery tag rentals, we ask that you have a space around 50 feet x 100 feet, although we have used smaller spaces. The age limit is 13 and older to use our bows.

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Football Bowling


Football Bowling! Teams of two compete to knock the opposing teams bowling pins down using a football. Can be played indoor or outdoors. We also can deliver Fowling to you and set it all up, or you can come pick it us and drop-off the next day.

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